Warner Bros. Confirms Ben Affleck Will Direct Next Batman Movie

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  • The longstanding rumors are finally being put to rest, Ben Affleck will direct a stand-alone Batman film according to studio head, Kevin Tsujihara.

    Tsujihara stated at the Warner presentation at CinemaCon that the studio is excited to go ahead with the film, and also confirmed the Aquaman movie, which will be headed by James Wan.

    Affleck had hinted at the project in the past and did say he learned a lot from Zack Snyder while working on Batman V. Superman. On Monday, when he took to the CinemaCon stage, Affleck stated:

    “It’s been tremendously exciting for us to be a part of the DC Universe, and we’re looking forward to working on Justice League.”

    While Batman V. Superman was poorly received by audiences, personally I can’t help but to be excited by the film. Affleck has proven himself a worthy director, and his Batman is actually one of the better iterations of the character. Perhaps, he can take us through one of the darkest Batman storylines, the death of the Joker.

    Much to audiences’ happiness, they released more footage of the upcoming Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman, along with a short discussion on the upcoming Justice League film.

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