(Spoiler: it’s a giant alligator.)
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  • As you probably know, the wetlands of Louisiana are often crawling with huge alligators that could probably bite your arm off — so what better place to go fishing with your kids in a flimsy little paddleboat?

    This fisherman was camping with his family at Lake Fausse Point State Park and set out fishing lines at different places along the shoreline, hoping to snag a few catfish. He was checking one of the lines with his kid in the back of his boat (filming the whole thing on GoPro, naturally) and thought he’d caught a fish — and hauled up the gaping mouth of a huge gator instead.

    Needless to say, he paddled the hell out of there while the poor kid whimpered in terror. “That’ll get your blood pumping!” he laughed.

    The video was posted three days ago and already has 3.5 million views — and nobody even lost a limb! Successful day of fishing, all things considered.