Before “Jungle Book” was the latest edgy live-action Disney remake, it was a downright silly animated movie.
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  • The teasers and trailers for the new “Jungle Book” movie are all very exciting, what with the amazing CGI animation and all-star cast including Lupita Nyong’o, Bill Murray, Idris Elba and Scarlett Johannson — but let’s not forget the original Disney movie based on the Rudyard Kipling stories was a silly cartoon that really only had that “Bear Necessities” song going for it.

    Honest Trailers takes on the classic 1967 animated movie, which was kinda fun to watch when you were six but is downright weird when you look at it now.

    “Journey deep into the Indian jungle, reimagined as a swinging 1960s hipster bar, to hang with a bunch of jazzy be-bopping animals, a couple of squares and downers, and a half-naked little boy that everyone is extremely touchy with!” says Epic Voiceover Guy Jon Bailey.

    With their trademark on-the-nose sarcasm, the Screen Junkies point out that Mowgli was so whiny and stubborn that he got abandoned by his parents, then abandoned by his wolf parents, then abandoned by his panther dad twice, and abandoned by a bunch of elephants; that the movie barely has a coherent plot aside from Mowgli getting kidnapped by one wacky group of animals after another; that the Disney animators blatantly recycled the same shots over and over both in “The Jungle Book” and in other Disney movies, and how the creepy hypnotic python Kaa was voiced by Winnie the Pooh before it was voiced by sexy Scarlett Johannson.

    Yeah, the new remake won’t have to work very hard to be a huge improvement over the original.