Aziz Ansari & Eric Wareheim Make Kanye Music Video in Italy

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  • Oh, so when we get drunk and run around in restaurants and public spaces lip-syncing to Kanye and humping cars, it’s “not appropriate” and we “need to leave the property” — but when Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim do it everyone loves it? Okay, we see how it is.

    The “Master of None” costars went to Italy recently and made a video for Kanye West’s “Famous,” because why not. They played characters called “Lil Bud” and “Big Bud,” eating a bunch of pasta, drinking wine, dancing in the streets, humping cars and just living life — you know, all the things you’d associate with Kanye West. The result is weird and delightful and we could watch it all day.

    This is hardly the first time comedians have lovingly spoofed Kanye. Zach Galifianakis made a music video for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” on his farm back in the day, and who could forget Seth Rogen and James Franco’s shot-for-shot recreation of the “Bound 2” video?

    Our host Ava Gordy has more:

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