This speed gamer broke his own world record by 1/5 of a second.
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  • You don’t have to be really into gaming to appreciate the awesomeness of this classic Super Mario Bros speed run.

    Superstar gamer Darbian just broke his own world record, beating the entire game in 4:57:26. The previous record was held by… well, himself, at one-fifth of a second slower.

    He was also monitoring his heart rate at the time, and it spiked to 170 right after he won and jumped around the room cheering. Who says gamers need to leave their computers and exercise more to get the blood pumping?

    The video makes Super Mario Bros look pretty simple — all you need to do is memorize every pixel of the game, have impeccable split-second timing, ignore all the stars and mushrooms and run under or jump over everything in your path.

    In addition to being an impressive bit of gaming, this video is also a nice, brief stroll down memory lane for classic Nintendo. Remember how there were spinning fire wheels UNDER WATER? How does that even work??

    Our host R.J. Aguiar has more on people’s reactions:

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