Can you guess why a random subject is trending on Twitter?
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  • Sometimes comedy videos hit a bit too close to home — like this hilarious but painfully accurate gameshow spoof from CollegeHumor, where contestants try to guess why some random thing is trending on Twitter.

    The first question basically sums up my thought process almost every morning: “Why is Mel Brooks trending?” Fuck, did he die? Oh good, no. Wait, did he say something sexist or racist? No, fortunately. Oh, it’s his birthday! And the majority of Twitter decided to comment on it for some reason.

    Other tricky challenges include #MakeAMovieAPorno, France winning a sports championship you’ve never heard of, Donald Trump (“Christ, what did he do now? Jesus fucking Christ, why is he trending?”) liberal hashtags taken over by conservatives and vice versa, and sponsored tweets run by fake Twitter accounts. As the host says, “This is the world we live in!”

    Ironically, this video ended up in the Trending section on YouTube — good job, CollegeHumor!