“Christians are the most oppressed group in this country!”
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  • It’s been a common, annoying story ever since gay marriage was legalized across the country — gay couple wants a wedding cake, anti-gay bakery refuses to make them one, gay couple sues because that shit’s clearly discrimination, anti-gay bakery is hailed by Ted Cruz and his buddies as “Christian heroes” who are being “oppressed” by the “Gay Agenda,” yadda yadda.

    Saturday Night Live captured the absurdity of the whole thing with this perfect send-up of the “God is Not Dead” movies. Vanessa Bayer plays Beth, a sweet small-town baker who’s being bullied by a mean homosexual couple and their Jewish lawyer and has to defend herself in one of those evil liberal courts when she refuses to say “God is gay.”

    “What are you thinking?” her black friend says. “Gays are the most powerful force in America!”

    But Beth isn’t going to betray her Christian faith that easily. “If God is gay, then why aren’t there any gay priests?!” she cries as the court gasps in shock.

    If you can hold it together when Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” starts playing, you’re a stronger person than me.