Is she back?
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    Kesha’s performances since 2013 have been few, far between, and largely completely unannounced. Since her lawsuit against Dr. Luke began, she performed in a tiny venue with what was supposedly her new band Yeast Infection, played LA Pride in 2015, and showed up as a guest performer for friends’ shows (like HAIM). The latter has happened again, though on a much bigger scale, as Kesha surprised a giant crowd of people gathered at this year’s Coachella Music Festival to see Zedd. She joined him on stage for his song “True Colors,” and while it’s nowhere near her normal sound (which will inevitably change going forward anyway), she still blew everyone away.

    Now that her case against Dr. Luke has been thrown out, will Kesha be returning to music in some form or another? Or was this appearance another rare gem that only fans who happened to be in the right place at the right time got to experience? Obviously only time will tell, but at this point, a majority of people following her saga genuinely hope it’s the former. On a personal note, I can say three years without a proper Kesha concert experience is three years too long, and I’m sure Kesha herself agrees entirely.