This Parody Says “No” to Game of Thrones Without Jon Snow

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  • With popularity that seems to be utterly unwavering as it heads into its sixth season, Game of Thrones continues to spark fan tributes and parodies of all types. Honestly, you can’t go onto the internet without seeing one. But some are better than others, and still more are timelier than others.

    Though the internet has been crying about the “is he/isn’t he” death of fan favorite Jon Snow since Game of Thrones went on hiatus last year, as we gear up for the premiere this coming Sunday, emotions are running even higher. And YouTuber Katie Wilson takes those emotions and shoves them into a music video parody of Meghan Trainor’s recent hit “No,” asking the audience, and herself, if Game of Thrones is even worth watching without Jon Snow?

    I mean, it is. But it’s a good video nonetheless. And a great way to pass the time as you eagerly await the opening credits to your favorite gritty fantasy series once more…

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