Instead of recall, the company has issued a safety alert and free installation kits.
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  • In February of 2016, 22-month-old Theodore “Ted” McGee was tragically killed by fallen dresser drawers. The IKEA product crushed the toddler in his bedroom, where his parents believed he was napping. They claim they did not hear the incident and were too late to the scene.

    As it clearly seems to be a freak accident, Ted wasn’t the only child to be hit with this unfortunate trauma. In 2014, two other children around the same age died only months apart from toppling dressers. The crazy part? This exact same piece of furniture seems to be the perpetrator in all three cases.

    After McGee’s death, IKEA issued a statement reading, “At IKEA, we believe children are the most important people in the world and the safety of our products is our highest priority. Upon being informed of this incident, IKEA immediately reported it to the authorities and an investigation is taking place. IKEA has been advised that the product was not attached to the wall, which is an integral part of the products’ assembly instructions.”


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  • The first safety warning was issued in 2015, instructing consumers to safely and accurately install the Malm dresser to the wall. In all three accidents, the dresser was not appropriately secured to the wall.

    Instead of recalling this item, the company decided to send out free anchoring kits to help people at home install the chests and drawers.

    Okay, so it’s still on the market. However, with a reputation this bad, don’t even risk it.