Shira Lazar and music journalist Steve Baltin discuss the sudden loss of Prince, and the impact of his career.
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  • We lost a great musician and artist this week, Prince.

    The legend’s sudden death rocked the world on April 21st, 2016. Here at What’s Trending, we were fortunate enough to sit down with music journalist Steve Baltin. Together, he and host Shira Lazar discuss the impact of Prince, his loss, and the deeply private life he lead.

  • “Prince I think was one of those people he communicated with people best through music,” Baltin said of Prince, regarding his reluctance to be interviewed.

    Prince was well known for keeping to himself. The artist rarely granted interviews, and according to Baltin, when an interview was allowed he was not allowed to be recorded. That privacy has, thankfully, extended past his death. After reporting Prince’s death was not a suicide,

    Sheriff Jim Olson stated “This is a tragedy for all of us. To you Prince Rogers Nelson was a celebrity, to us he was a community member … In life, he was a private person, and we’re going to continue to respect his privacy and dignity. We also respect the public’s right to information.”

    President Obama like many others was equally affected by the loss.

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  • Prince had a legendary impact on some of the greatest artists we know today. Eric Clapton recently posted on Facebook about Prince’s influence on his song “Holy Mother.”

  • While not everyone, especially in younger generations, may not have heard of Prince, Baltin pointed out “Now you have the opportunity to go back and look it up, and see and discover all of this. I guarantee you, whatever artist you like… they loved Prince.”

    The cause of Prince’s death is being kept tightly under wraps. According to police, the coroner’s report will take several weeks to process before being released. In the meantime, the artist’s body has been released to his family, and cremated in a private ceremony.

    Our hearts go out to them, and all those affected by Prince’s death. He was and will remain a legend.

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