“For All Eyes Always” Looks Like it Could be a Real Dystopian Future

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  • Starring some of our favorite new media influencers, “For All Eyes Always,” shows us a possible not-too-distant future.

    The plot goes like this: US citizens no longer trust the government, so the CIA creates a “fully transparent reality TV show” in order to earn back the public’s trust. Behind the scenes showrunners create a world of intrigue for our charismatic lead, “Swamp Fox,” and as time progresses it starts to become difficult to discern what’s real and what is propaganda.

    The film stars Joe Hursley as “Swamp Fox,” and Greg Davis, Jr. (AKA Klarity) as his right hand camera man Sebastian Young. We also hear there will be an appearance from Adi Shankar, the man who brought us the Power Rangers reboot we’re still begging for.

    If you’re interested in checking out the movie, you can see all the available cities and their dates here.

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