Usher Posted a D*CK PIC on Snapchat??

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  • Apparently, Usher decided to reveal a little more of himself on Snapchat officially using it exactly the way you use Snapchat.

    The pop star, Justin Bieber producer decided to give a tour of his home which somehow ended up with him stripping off all of his clothes and snapping pics from his steamroom.

    While he was taking photos he inevitably snapped a “censored” photo of himself fully nude, with the words “Blowing off steam,” and an emoji sort of covering his penis.

    Except it didn’t cover the base or the tip of his penis.

    On top of all this because Usher kept saying he was using his “S7,” people somehow thought his naked photos were sponsored by Samsung. The company has categorically denied having any hand in the racy photos.

    In the meantime, Usher has gained hundreds of followers.

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