Women See an Uncircumcised Penis for the First Time

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  • Davey Wavey is back for our series “My First Time,” which challenges people’s ideas about sex and relationships by daring them to try new things — on camera, of course. And this time, we’re looking at some good old-fashioned dick pics.

    Don’t worry, this is all for science.

    Male circumcision is pretty common in America – about 81% of baby boys have their foreskins removed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means that a fair number of women have never seen an uncircumcised penis before and might be turned off by the sight of one.

    Davey, who is circumcised but likes sexual partners who aren’t, brought in several of these women to let them see what they’re missing out on, and they were all some combination of entertained and confused.

    “It looks a little bit like a nipple, or an elephant trunk,” one woman says.

    “How does he pee?” another one asks.

    And that’s before they find out that sometimes men can put small objects in their foreskin as a joke.

    The reality is that in most of the world, men usually keep their penises intact. Fewer than 20% of European men are circumcised, for instance. So why is it so popular here?

    American men get circumcised for various reasons – some do it for religious reasons, some think it makes the penis easier to clean, and some doctors say it has health benefits like a decreased risk of urinary tract infections.

    And in the not-too-distant past, some people even believed that circumcision prevented men from masturbating. Yay for sex education.

    But as Intact America points out, there’s no medical reason for “routine” circumcision of baby boys, cleaning and caring for the foreskin is easy, and the foreskin provides protection and sexual pleasure.

    “So what did we learn in all of this?” Davey says. “I guess not to judge a penis by its cover.”

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