There's some serious nope-fuel here!
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  • Indie game developer Dreadlocks took to image sharing site Imgur to share details on a project they’re working on that could be one of the best horror games to come out ever.

    The game, “Ghost Theory,” employs players at a failing university department and equips them with all the ghost-hunting gadgetry one would want when thrown into the most haunted places in the world.

    Oh did we mention that? Yeah, you’ll get your heart pulsing and blood rushing in locations based on real-life hauntings from the plague-ridden Poveglia Islandof Italy to the noose-filled Suicide Forest of Japan.

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  • It should be noted that you cannot just waltz into a location and instantly expect to be haunted. Players have to find the right triggers or combination of triggers to get the ghosts to appear.

    Once they do however, the terror begins. You can learn more about the game of Kickstarter, here.