Woman Catches Creepy Dude on Camera at Target!

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Candice Spivey was shopping in Target when she was approached by Jeffrey Polizzi. Polizzi was asking about a maxi dress his wife had gotten and was “checking to see if it was too sheer.”

    Turns out, Polizzi had approached Spivey before in a grocery store with the same exact story. In the previous incident, Polizzi was banned from a grocery store when Spivey reported him for sexual harassment. Polizzi’s “innocent” opening line leads into an inappropriate line of questions going as far as asking women how they upkeep their private parts, all while Polizzi secretly films the women he’s speaking to.

    You can even see that he’s trying to film Spivey in the Target video.

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  • Spivey turned the tables on her harasser, filming him instead and chasing him into the Target parking lot. He was later arrested that day for reckless driving, after Target employees pointed out his vehicle to police and Polizzi attempted to speed off in the process.

    Polizzi has also been convicted in the past for attempting to take upskirt photos of women with a hidden camera in his shoe, and several other women have come forward to police about Polizzi’s harassment.

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