Erin Schrode plans on making history by becoming the youngest person elected to Congress.
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  • 24 year-old Erin Schrode is hoping to shake things up on Capitol Hill by becoming the youngest person to win a Congressional seat.

    Schrode is the co-founder of “Turning Green,” a non-profit environmental advocacy group, and has decided to run for Congress in California’s district 2 in her home Marin county. Her decision stemmed from the positive reaction to a speech she gave about the impact Marin county had on her upbringing, and how the county is a focal-point for so much good.

    Schrode insists she’s not the typical candidate. Most Congressional seat-holders are middle-aged, white, males. In a recent self-authored Huffington Post article, she called for a commonsense reform.

    “Broken policy is failing us all, as fear and vitriol permeate politics. I can no longer watch as partisan gridlock threatens our future and that of communities around the country. We need commonsense reform — and we need it en masse, yesterday. Clean water is a human right. Women add value to society. Mental health is a veritable illness. Black lives matter. Affordable healthcare helps families. Education can be an economic engine.”

  • Schrode hopes her campaign will inspire millenials to become more interested in politics, adding “I seek to redefine civic engagement, reinvigorate a culture of public service, expand the definition of who can be a politician, and infuse meaning into the very act of running.”