Rolling Stones to Donald Trump: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

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  • Mick jagger and donald trump
  • The Rolling Stones showed no sympathy for the devil in telling Donald Trump, the doom and gloom Republican presidential candidate with a heart of stone, that he better drift away from using their music at his events.

    Critics first shine(d) a light on the issue Tuesday night when Trump took to the podium backed by the Stones’ signature hit “Start Me Up” to celebrate his victory the Indiana primary that resulted in rival candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich going home.

    The Rolling Stones’ management quickly shattered Trump’s playlist by issuing statement declaring that the Republican hopeful “cease all use immediately,” which is a rather respectable way of saying you better move on.

    Trump wasted no time in reminding the world that he is too proud to beg when he issued a response in which he adopted an attitude of do you really think I care? “I like Mick Jagger. I like their songs but you know what, we use so many songs. And you know, we have the rights to use them. I always buy the rights.”

    Will this be the last time Trump uses the Stones’ music? Only a fortune teller would know for sure.

    Little by little Trump is amassing a festival-sized line up of artists who are leaving him high and dry when it comes to using their music. The Rolling Stones join Adele, Aerosmith, Neil Young, and R.E.M. as those who have told Trump to use his imagination and come up with some different music to play at his rallies.

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