This guy definitely didn’t go to flight attendant school.
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  • Sometimes the only thing to do is swear a lot and keep your sense of humor.

    As a devastating wildfire swept through Alberta, Canada, the entire town of Fort McMurray had to be evacuated and more than 1,600 homes and buildings were leveled.

    This video shows a Canadian airman briefing a busload of oil workers as they get ready to board a Hercules plane to evacuate the town. Families and medical emergencies had been flown out the day before.

    As he showed the workers how to use the oxygen masks, the airman clearly wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries.

    “There’s a couple of Velcro fuckin’ gizmos. Pull that shit off, stuff it over your head and breathe normally.”

    He wrapped up his demonstration by saying, “And then probably kiss your ass goodbye, because we’re gonna fuckin’ hammer into the ground.”

    The workers all laughed, enjoying his blunt humor in the face of the natural disaster.

    “I’m not a fuckin’ stewardess,” he added, “so I’m not gonna give you any coffee or peanuts.”