This is why heels should not be mandatory.

  • Make up artist Nicola Gavins put this horrifying image of her friends feet to show the disparity in restaurant uniform requirements at a local Canadian restaurant chain.

    Gavins’ friend, who chose to remain unnamed in order to maintain her position as a server, said that her shift manager berated her for switching into flats mid-shift, and that she was expected to be wearing heels on her shift the next day. Additionally, women working at the restaurant are required to pay $30 for their uniforms, unlike the men who can just wear black clothing from home.

    Gavins also claimed that the restaurant, Joey (yes, that is the name of the establishment), has unpaid training shifts which are illegal under Alberta Labor Laws.

    A spokesperson from the restaurant chain claims the strict high heel policy was limited to one restaurant located in Edmonton, due to a miscommunication, and that the ladies are allowed to wear flats during their shifts.

    “There is no minimum height when it comes to our shoe policy. Shoes range from black dress flats, wedges and heels. For those employees wearing heels, we require the heel height to be no higher than 2.5′.

    What is clear from this incident is that, internally, there was a lack of communication and understanding around our guidelines.”

    However, the spokesperson did not address the claims of unpaid training shifts and female workers paying for their uniforms unlike men in similar position.