Watch Meghan Trainor Wipe Out Performing “Me Too” on Jimmy Fallon

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  • Nothing ruins the badass big finish of a live performance like tripping on your own shoes and dropping to the stage like a … perfectly healthy, well-proportioned and attractive pop star who happens to be bigger than a size 2.

    (Find your fat jokes elsewhere, please.)

    Meghan Trainor appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show yesterday and was rocking out to her new single “Me Too” when her big flourish at the end turned into a big tumble and a narrowly-missed sprained ankle.

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  • Of course Fallon burst out laughing and yelled “Safe!” like she’d just skidded into home plate, then made up for it by lying down on the floor next to her

    To be fair, those towering heels of hers do look deadly. I would have wiped out before I made it to the stage, much less performed an entire dance routine in them.

    This is after the music video for “Me Too” stirred up its own little controversy – it was posted online for a while, then disappeared, and then Meghan declared on Snapchat that she’d pulled it down because “they Photoshopped the crap out of me and I’m tired of it!”

    Twenty-four hours later it was back up, featuring Meghan’s un-Photoshopped waistline — but she sure gave it plenty of time to stir up a social media scandal, so we kind of suspect this was a publicity stunt.

    Our host Shira Lazar has more:

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