Quoting “Baby Got Back” is serious business.
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  • Surely there’s a way for a white woman to say her butt looks nice without pissing off half the internet.

    Blake Lively posted a photo on Instagram yesterday, showing off her growing baby bump and the lovely gold Versace gown that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival.

    It’s the caption that has a certain portion of the internet fired up: “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.” This, of course, is a reference to “Baby Got Back,” and is a way of saying a woman has a pretty face and a big butt.

    It’s generally a celebration of black women’s bodies, though, and that’s the issue here. Features associated with black women like big butts and full lips are often considered “trashy” compared to slender white women like Ms. Lively, unless it becomes trendy for white women to co-opt that look. Think Miley Cyrus twerking, or Iggy Azalea wearing corn rows.

    Blake’s also kind of on thin ice on this topic, because she and her husband Ryan Reynolds got married on a plantation in America’s deep South – a romantic and beautiful house to her, but a monument to slavery and horrific human rights abuses for a lot of people.

    What do you think, is this racially insensitive of her? Let us know in the comments.