Damn Justin, back at it again with the controversial headlines!
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  • Justin Bieber ans Skrillex are being sued for allegedly stealing the hook for their hit song, “Sorry!”

    The collaborative pair worked on the first single that came off Bieber’s first respected album, and according to indie artist White Hinterland the hook for the song was ripped from her single “Ring the Bell,” which she released a year prior to Bieber’s “Sorry.” In case you’ve forgotten (or you have taste), here’s what “Sorry” sounds like:

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  • And here is what White Hinterland’s song “Ring the Bell” sounds like:

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  • Interesting similarities there.

    Hinterland posted to Facebook regarding the alleged theft, saying:

  • So what do you guys think? Did Bieber and Skrillex clearly steal from Hinterland, or do the songs just sound kind of similar? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!