FBI watch list, here we come!
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  • Do you either 1. hate Donald Trump so much that you wish you could violently mutilate him, or 2. love Donald Trump so much that there is literally no limit to how close you want to get to him? Then there’s only a few dollars between you and the Trump experience of your dreams, as Surgeon Simulator has released an expansion pack dedicated entirely to The Donald.

    For the Trump haters: This is your chance to open up the Trumpster’s ribcage, rip out his organs, pour Trump Vodka into his empty chest cavity, and spike a miniature Trump tower through his heart. This is also your chance to end up on an FBI watch list, or, if Trump is elected, in a gulag. (NOTE: If Trump is elected, let the record state that this is a joke, and that jokes were still legal in 2016.)

    For the Trump lovers: This is your chance to hold your god-king’s lung in your (virtual) hand. You might want a physical wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but you definitely don’t want an emotional barrier between yourself and Donny boy. Fair warning, this game is difficult to play with only one hand.

    Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, you can get down with the latest expansion to Surgeon Simulator on Steam for as little as the current sale price of $0.59 (if you already own the original game) or the sale price of $2.59 (if you want the expansion bundled with the whole game). Here’s the Steam link. Happy gaming!

    What do you think? Does this game sate your Trump bloodlust, or are you deeply offended that a Presidential candidate is subjected to such mockery? Let us know!