Bo Burnham Destroys Crappy Country Music in his “Make Happy” Comedy Special

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  • Born-from-YouTube comedian Bo Burnham is back with a new special that just premiered on Friday, and from the sound of things, he’s become more hilarious and cynical about the entertainment world than ever.

    His latest biting commentary about pop culture, fame and the relationship between celebrities and their audiences includes a spot-on criticism of modern country music.

    “I think country music gets a bad rep,” he says. “Why is it that when Bruce Springsteen sings about a fucking turnpike it is art, and then when someone sings about a horse, it’s dumb inherently?”

    The problem with today’s Keith Urban style of country, however, is that it’s not honest — and he demonstrates with a brilliant twangy parody of songs that are nothing but catchphrases that rich country singers use to pander to working-class people.

    “I walk and talk like a field hand / but the boots I’m wearing cost three grand / I write songs about riding tractors / from the comfort of a private jet,” Burnham drawls.

    The song includes everything that makes corporate country music the worst: random hunting references, gratuitous Bud Light product placement, melodramatic key-changes and borderline-gross references to women.

    “I write songs for the people who do / jobs in the towns that I’d never move to.”

    The full special is now available on Netflix and getting rave reviews from Burnham’s fellow slaves to celebrity:

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