Mac & Cheese Cocktails: Horrific, or Deliciously Horrific?

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you spilled mac and cheese into your liquor jug? Then these are the cocktails for you.
By Peter Lundquist
  • There are all kinds of weird alcoholic beverages out there — some that aren’t even beverages, but powders. But the hilarious team over at Above Average may have come up with the nastiest way to get sh*tfaced yet.

    Have you ever gotten so drunk that you spilled mac and cheese into your liquor jug? Did you actually enjoy that experience? If so, how do you like spending all day in a wife-beater in a room with a single naked lightbulb? Anyway, the brilliant comedy minds at Above Average decided to make some craft Kraft cocktails, and I haven’t been this revolted since I saw a supercut of Guy Fieri eating to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” Check out some of their disgusting concoctions below:

  • Mac cocktails 1
  • Here’s a “mac-mosa,” or “a mimosa made with a packet of Kraft cheese powder instead of orange juice.” Pairs well with New Year’s brunch, provided that you’re trying to induce vomiting of all the Jagerbombs you consumed the night before.

  • Mac cocktails 2
  • Nothing beats a classic “mac-tini.” I recommend drinking these while watching Mad Men reruns on a Best Buy TV.

  • Mac cocktails 3
  • For those of you who like a little Mexican flair with your poor life decisions, there’s the “mac-arita.”

    It’s a margarita with elbow mac and cheese floating around in it, cheese powder instead of salt on the rim, and, for an unexpected note of freshness, a cucumber slice. Pair it with tacos you found in the street.

    But wait, there’s more! Check out all the horrific mac and cheese cocktails here.

    What do you think? Are these just gross enough to be funny, or did Above Average go too far? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!