President Obama Slow Jams the News. Oh, Yeah.

By Rachel Kiley
Never leave, Barack.
  • “Slow Jam the News” with President Obama

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  • As we all know, President Obama’s time in office is coming to an end. And, as we all know, his media appearances are kind of just getting more awesome the less f*cks he gives, since he doesn’t really have to anymore. But if I’d accomplished as much cool stuff as he has while being the leader of our country, I’d probably feel like I could say and do pretty much anything at this point, too.

    His latest appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon served to remind us all what things exactly Obama has accomplished while in office. But being the cool dude he is, he and Jimmy did it in slow jam fashion. He also gets quite a few zingers in there, including a great anti-Trump sentiment: Orange is NOT the New Black.

    With Obama officially endorsing Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States, we’ll inevitably be getting more appearances like this one. And hopefully they are, actually, like this one. Stay cool, Barack.

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