Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour Switch Careers

By Rachel Kiley
How hard can it be?
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  • Vogue’s YouTube channel has gotten very adept at producing videos where you’re not really sure if they’re supposed to be funny or if they’re just these non-descript, non-offensive things that kind of casually exist in the world.

    The latest in this line is a short in which comedian Amy Schumer and editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, each decide the other has an easy job and they should swap lives for a day. There’s so much potential for comedic mishap with such a classic premise, but instead we get Schumer not being able to tell the difference between two (identical) items of clothing and Wintour somehow being absolutely killer at stand-up comedy (with a routine we don’t hear). But if you-might-crack-a-smile “comedy” or just casually watching people do stuff is your thing, you will probably enjoy this video. At the very least, it should make you appreciate all of Inside Amy Schumer’s sketches more.

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