Beyoncé Releases Becky With the Good Hair Music Video

By Rachel Kiley
She ain't sorry.
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  • If you for some reason still haven’t seen Beyoncé’s surprise film/visual album Lemonade, she just uploaded the stand alone music video for “Sorry,” also known as the song featuring the lyrics about “Becky with the good hair.”

    Pushing aside all the Becky drama that had the internet in a frenzy trying to dig up the possibly-real, possibly-fictional mystery woman’s identity, “Sorry” tells the story of a woman who just has zero f*cks left to give about her cheating husband. It leaves in a spoken word opening that really sets the tone for this particular chapter of the film. And, like all of Lemonade, the “Sorry” video features stunning visuals and great performances by Beyoncé and her dancers, which in this instance includes tennis star Serena Williams.

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