Listen to them while you can!
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  • 7 previously unreleased Nirvana songs have been leaked on a private Nirvana forum, two of which have been uploaded to YouTube since!

    The songs came to light after a fan bought the original reel on eBay. Known as the Pachyderm Sessions, the recordings date back to February 15, 1993. The song list is as follows:


    Dumb – only instrumental

    Dave solo

    Marigold – this is instrumental / perhaps Kurt on drums

    Marigold – this is instrumental

    Marigold – this is the version with the cello

    Lullaby – this is instrumental / perhaps Kurt on drums

    The songs were written by Dave Grohl and included several drum solos. However, it makes sense that some of the tracks didn’t make it out for public consumption.

    Of the seven leaked tracks, only two were truly original, while the others were different versions of “Dumb,”and “Marigold.” Of these alternate mixes, the most praised is the alternate version of “Marigold,” with a cello added to the track. Another song, “Lullaby,” barely resembles the usual style of Nirvana, instead opting for a more ambient feel.

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  • You can listen to all of the tracks on YouTube right now, they’ve all been uploaded to the channel RareNirvana.

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