Watch Amy Schumer’s Deleted Gun Control Sketch

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  • Most of America is probably tired of talking about guns by now (and most of the rest of the world is probably tired of hearing us talk about them). But we’re going to keep doing it because bad things with guns keep happening and nothing is changing.

    Amy Schumer decided to share her frustration with the whole situation by releasing a gun control sketch for Inside Amy Schumer that didn’t make the final cut for the show. At first, the sketch starts out as a standard TV lawyer commercial, but takes a depressing turn when the lawyer says he can help out with anything except suing over gun tragedies. Like many of Schumer’s sketches, it drops some sobering facts about its topic, in this case, issues with our current gun control laws. Personally, I didn’t laugh once while watching it, which is probably the point. It’s just too real to be funny. Maybe in another 200 years when people look back at how archaic our society was, then it will get some laughs.

    Should this sketch have been cut, or would it have been good to have it air? Let us know your opinion in the comments or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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