Invite her to all of your viewing parties.
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  • Most Game of Thrones fans at this point seem to have giant viewing parties they attend every Sunday, or, at the very least, a friend or two to watch the show with. But if you’re still watching solo and desperately wanting someone to enjoy your favorite show with you (when it comes back for next season, anyway), look no further. Leslie Jones is your girl.

    Seth Meyers decided to have her just sit and watch a recent episode of the fantasy hit (not the season finale, so don’t worry if you aren’t caught up yet) with him, and the results are pretty fantastic. Meyers mostly just sits in silence taking it all in, but Jones has a lot of words for just about everyone on the show. If you don’t care for the friend that cracks jokes through every episode of things you watch together, this may not be for you, but if that’s the case, you’re probably not enjoying TV to its full potential anyway.

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