Kandee Johnson Shares on Going Viral & Life With Four Kids

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  • Yep, you read that right — Kandee Johnson, on top of being a YouTube star and phenomenal makeup artist, is a mother of four and as fabulous as ever. We sat down with the beauty expert at VidCon 2016 to hear more insight on her life.

    How does she balance and prioritize everything going on with parenthood? She explains how it takes very little sleep. Oh, and lots and lots of concealer. No one needs bags under their eyes after all!

    This makeup queen has been uploading tutorial videos onto YouTube for around seven years now. However, Kandee shares how she particularly witnessed a boom in her popularity and follower count when Ashton Kutcher shared her Barbie transformation clip onto his social media. Whoa… Kandee or Barbie? We can’t tell. Check out the video below:

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  • Ashton Kutcher was not the only one impressed by Kandee’s makeup talent. James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, even had Kandee on an episode for a Barbie makeover of his own!

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Besides the kids, Kandee has plenty on her plate. She recently teamed up with Beautycon to curate their summer seasonal Beautycon box, a box full of her favorite summer cosmetics, available now from Beautycon.com. And she has a role in DreamWorks’ upcoming Trolls movie, as Mandy Sparkledust. Check out the teaser below, and get ready for Trolls in theaters November 2016:

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  • We are impressed with this multi-talented superwoman. Kandee gets it all done, with a smile on her face too.

    What or who do you want to see Kandee transform into next? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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