Smosh Games Talks VR and the Future of Gaming at VidCon 2016

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  • At VidCon 2016 with, we sat down with 5/6ths of the YouTube gaming geniuses at Smosh Games about hot new and upcoming games, plus the future of virtual reality gaming.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Smosh Games, they’re a spinoff of mega-popular YouTube sketch channel Smosh starring hosts Jovenshire, Sohinki, AtomicMari, Wes, FLitz, and Lasercorn. Check out our interview with them above!

    According to them, they’ve been playing a lot of 2016’s biggest game (so far), Overwatch, lately. Here’s video proof:

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  • Them’s some funny folks over there at Smosh Games. Knowledgeable, too — check out their insights about the future of VR, and peep this video of them experimenting with the HTC Vive here:

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  • What do you think? Is VR the future of gaming, or just another fad? What was your favorite part of our interview? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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