Alton Sterling Shooting Sparks Outrage Across U.S.

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  • Earlier this week, 37-year old Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police outside of a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like in the police killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many others before him, people across the country are outraged by what appears on video to be a gross miscarriage of justice that may have been racially motivated.

    The video is shocking, horrific, and an unfortunate necessity to watch. I warn you, the following video will disturb and enrage you, and it is not for the faint of heart. Here is the original video of Sterling’s death:

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  • The day after this video broke, additional cell phone footage was released on The Daily Beast that clearly shows Sterling was not holding or reaching for a gun when officers shot him. Here is that video:

  • The officers in question have been placed on paid administrative leave, but Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has asked the U.S. Justice Department to initiate an investigation.

    Alton Sterling was a father of three. Writer and activist Shaun King, who was one of the first to share the video, shared the following Facebook post, which has since gone viral:

  • Race relations and police brutality are two of the most controversial subjects in today’s American discourse, and this news will only make them more controversial. If you can be considerate, leave a comment below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter to let us know your thoughts.


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