World Reacts to Second Police Killing of a Black Man in Two Days

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  • Didn’t we just do this story yesterday? Yes. Yes we did.

    This time, the black man killed by police for no apparent reason was named Philando Castile. Like in yesterday’s shooting of Alton Sterling, incriminating video of the police shooting went viral on social media. If you have the stomach for it, below is the video Castile’s fiancée Diamond Reynolds streamed live on Facebook right after the shooting:

  • Shortly before this video began, Castile alerted the police that he had a permitted gun and was reaching for his ID. Then they shot him dead, screaming in his face as he died. If you don’t believe me, watch the video. The damning evidence is there.

    Most people are righteously furious about these two murders. In particular, police officer Nakia Jones live-streamed her angry response to Facebook, where it quickly got nearly four million views and 200,000 shares. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Predictably, the worst people in the world are coming out of the woodwork to tell the Black Lives Matter movement that this is somehow not murder and that they need to shut up. I won’t link their awful words, but feel free to search Twitter or look at the comments on our YouTube video on the subject (or any other video) if you want your morbid curiosity fulfilled.

    Here’s my response to those people: number one, this is disgusting. And number two, you are the reason the Black Lives Matter movement exists and is so necessary. When police kill black people who present no threat to them, obviously, over and over and over, a movement must arise to respond. Period. End of sentence.

    Race relations and police brutality are two of the most controversial subjects in today’s American discourse, and this news will only make them more controversial. If you can be considerate, leave a comment below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter to let us know your thoughts.


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