Basketball Player Sneaks Into Friend’s House, Roasts Him on Snapchat

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  • Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas went after current NBA player Nick Young on Snapchat, and the results were hilarious. You probably know Nick Young (AKA “Swaggy P”) as the ex-fiancé of Iggy Azalea (who once saved him from getting a misspelled tattoo), or as the star of this meme:

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  • In case you’re not an NBA die-hard, here’s a little background. Nick Young is a bench player for the Lakers who dated Iggy Azalea for over two years, only for their relationship to end dramatically when one of his teammates ratted on his cheating ways and she found out.

    Young is known on the court as an “irrational overconfidence guy,” someone who believes he’s way, way better than he actually is. As a result, he’s the butt of many an NBA joke. And why not? This is the same guy who once celebrated making a three before it went in — only for it to miss. Check the video:

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  • Gilbert Arenas, now known for his thoughtful Instagram posts and that one time he almost got into a gunfight in an NBA locker room, starts the video by committing a felony — and it only gets crazier from there. He breaks into Young’s house, plays jokes on Young’s kids, makes fun of Young’s benchwarmer status, and, most memorably of all, paints over Iggy Azalea’s name on Young’s wall.

    Now you know everything you need to know. Watch the video and laugh uncontrollably.

    What do you think? Is Gilbert Arenas roasting Nick Young hilarious, or is it too mean-spirited/illegal? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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