Sarah Silverman Was Hilarious in the Face of a Near-Death Experience

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  • Beloved comedian, actor, writer, and stoner Sarah Silverman had a nasty scare this past week when she was hospitalized for epiglottitis, a potentially deadly throat disease. She came forward about her experience in a Facebook post which has since gone viral. Here’s the original post:

  • Even in the face of tragedy, Silverman keeps her sense of humor. She includes two funny anecdotes in the post that remind us all that she’s America’s Cool Aunt. Here’s number one:

    I couldn’t speak for a while and I don’t remember a lot of my “lucid” time, but Amy (the Zvi) told me I stopped a nurse – like it was an emergency – furiously wrote down a note and gave it to her. When she looked at it, it just said, “Do you live with your mother?” next to a drawing of a penis.

    And here’s number two:

    Also, when I first woke up and the breathing tube came out, I still couldn’t talk and they gave me a board of letters to communicate. My loved ones stood there, so curious what was going to be the first thing I had to say. They followed my finger, rapt, as I pointed from letter to letter until I finally spelled out, “Did you see ‘Hello My Name is Doris.'”

    What do you think? Do you cherish Sarah Silverman a little more now that you know she was almost ripped away from you? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!


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