Epic Rap Battle Pits Alexander the Great Against Ivan the Terrible

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  • Sometimes it’s hard to believe Epic Rap Battles of History is still going on. They’ve produced an insane (and impressive) amount of content, and just keep on chugging along. Then again, history has a lot to draw from.

    The latest installment is a rap battle between Alexander the Great and Ivan the Terrible. That alone would be pretty swell, watching the Greek king and the Russian tsar tear each other apart, but in classic Epic Rap Battle fashion, their one on one fight is only half of the full video. We also get to see Ivan battle it out with a bunch of other “Greats” — Pompey the Great, Frederick the Great, and the sole survivor against the Russian, Catherine the Great. As a bonus, Catherine the Great is portrayed by YouTube musician darling Meghan Tonjes. Rapping is well and good, but yes, let’s get some tunes up in here.

    Who won? Check it out and decide for yourself. And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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