Gross Dude Grossly Eats Butter on the Subway, Grosses Everyone Out

By Peter Lundquist
  • Most people like butter. They put it on toast, in sandwiches, or, if they’re rich weirdos, in their coffee. But this guy like-likes butter — so much so that it’s making everybody super uncomfortable.

    The popular Instagram account SubwayCreatures posted a video yesterday of a guy appearing to eat a big, honkin’ mouthful of butter while riding on the subway. Since then, it’s blown up all over the place. Here’s the video, as posted on the First We Feast Twitter account:

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  • Our host Anna Lore speculates that this video might be fake, and she has a point. Whoever is recording Mr. Butterfingers knows to start filming him before he starts eating butter. Plus, the mysterious videographer is right up in the butter guy’s face with a camera, and he doesn’t seem to notice or care. Wouldn’t you be just the littlest bit ashamed if you reached the point in your life where you’re eating a stick of butter on the subway?

    Whether the video is real or fake, I’m thoroughly grossed out. If it’s real, it’s gross because he’s eating butter. If it’s fake, it’s gross because someone lied to us. Our hearts have been broken too many times, internet. Not again.

    What do you think? Are you grossed out by Subway Butter Dude, or are we judging him too harshly? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!