See Ryan Gosling’s Whistling Debut in ‘La La Land’

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  • There was probably a time when a movie trailer was supposed to give you an idea of what the movie it was promoting would be about. That time is long, long past. Now we get the coolest shots with the most relevant actors thrown together with some captivating music that may or may not properly convey the tone of the actual film.

    People are super excited for La La Land. Personally, I’m thrilled we have a movie with Emma Stone that isn’t directed by Woody Allen or about a superhero franchise we reboot every 30 seconds. I know nothing about the film beyond these things. Judging by the trailer (that thing you should never, ever do), I’m going to guess it also stars Ryan Gosling, who like to play piano under a spotlight and smirk in Emma Stone’s general direction, while Emma looks at him with varying degrees of surprised concern. It’s also very pretty. Like, Neon Demon pretty. And there’s some dancing and whistling so it’s entirely possible it’s also a musical. And titles often hold double meanings, so I’m going to guess La La Land is set in Los Angeles.

    Are you excited yet?? The music in the trailer sounds cool. Very, you know, captivating.

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