TREND TRIALS: Rainbow Glitter Slime FAIL

By Christine Linnell
It’s not as easy as it looks, guys.
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  • That’s the fun thing about Trend Trials — sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan.

    Shira Lazar teamed up with our host Shannon Boody to test out the Magical Unicorn Slime tutorial from Gillian Bower, an Australian YouTuber who specializes in rainbow-colored DIY, home decor and lifestyle hacks. Her recipe for slime results in a sparkly homemade version of Gak from the 90s, that stretchy, colorful kind of putty that you can squish around in your hands for hours of weirdly satisfying fun.

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  • At least, that was the plan — but as Shira and Shannon discovered, sometimes it’s best to leave DIY to the professionals. Their mixture of glitter glue, water and Borax turned into a messy, sparkly liquid, which they tried to firm up with some Elmer’s glue, and … well, you’ll have to see the result for yourself.

    What did they get wrong? Shannon suspects they added to much water from the start, or maybe it was because Shira forgot to stir the mixture while adding it together.

    If you’ve tried Gillian’s recipe with more success than we did, give us some pointers in the comments or tweet us @WhatsTrending!