FouseyTUBE Draws Admiration, Criticism for Cancer Patient GoFundMe

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  • FouseyTUBE, one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube, has decided again to spotlight the victim of a tragedy on his channel. But some members of the YouTube community are criticizing him for his handling of the matter.

    12-year-old Fousey superfan Efrain Ortiz is suffering from a form of brain cancer known as DIPG. Fousey released the video above on his main channel to share Efrain’s story and his family’s GoFundMe. Fousey announced in the video description that all profits from the video and the sale of Fousey’s #MakeYouTubePositiveAgain merchandise would go to that GoFundMe.

    The response has been mostly positive, with an over 9:1 like-to-dislike ratio on YouTube. Almost all of the comments on YouTube and Twitter have lauded Fousey for bringing attention to Efrain’s fight and doing some good in the world. Some of these comments are below.

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  • A few commenters, however, have taken issue with Fousey’s presentation of this video. In brief, they accuse Fousey of using the fight Efrain is up against to deflect the criticism Fousey is facing for the drama storm he kicked up by apparently staging a fight with another popular YouTuber, RiceGum, then blasting “YouTube drama channels” for falling for it, then tweeting a message in which he compared himself to Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and Malcolm X. Some of their comments are below.

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  • Fousey himself has responded to some of the negativity on his Twitter:

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  • What do we think? On the one hand, Fousey is doing a genuinely good thing by helping this kid. That comes first and foremost — I don’t doubt his intentions were positive, and I believe the positivity he’s generated from this video outweighs any mistakes he may have made in the video’s timing and presentation.

    On the other hand, mentioning YouTube drama at all in a video about a sick kid was probably a mistake. While Fousey only mentions it in passing as something he’s not focusing on anymore, he would have been better served by letting this video stand on its own.

    The most important thing about all this is that Efrain Ortiz and his family need help. You can contribute to or share their GoFundMe here.

    What do you think? Do you stand with Fousey, or do you think his making a video about this issue was a mistake? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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