New Invention May Turn China’s Smog Into Diamonds

Honestly... how are people this smart?
By Mari Kasuya

  • Wait, you mean to tell me you haven’t heard of smog sucking towers before?! Get with it! Ha JK, this is new to us too…

    The guy behind this potential successful solution to reversing China’s pollution is Dutch artist, Daan Roosegaarde. He has come up with a new invention idea of placing seven meter tall towers in common public areas, like parks.

    Although the technical details are way above my head, the video’s explanation of the process goes like this — polluted air is sucked in and transformed into nano-particles, then the carbon from the air is put under pressure for an hour to make diamonds.

    Then, BOOM. You have clean air AND diamonds. Sounds like a win win situation! Like the Facebook video says, this would help turn a “health hazard into a thing of beauty”. The jewelry produced will be sold to fund more building of towers.

    The video doesn’t share specifics plans on when and where exactly these towers are being brought into reality. However, the idea of altering accessories in China from face masks (seen below) to prevent from inhaling unsafe air, into diamonds made with a purpose, is an encouraging and hopeful one.

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  • But of course, social media users, as always, spoke their minds in the comments section. Take a look at varying opinions below:

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