The Wonder Woman Trailer is Finally Here

By Rachel Kiley
And it looks amazing.
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  • A Wonder Woman movie is something superhero audiences have long pined over in this golden era of endless superhero films, reboots, sequels, universes, and TV shows. A feature length version of Diana Prince’s tale had been in the works on and off for far too long. A TV pilot was ordered and failed to go to series (and by all accounts, that was very much for the best). But now, we finally have a trailer to prove a Wonder Woman movie is coming.

    And it looks…pretty spectacular.

    Gal Gadot reprises her role from her appearance in Batman v Superman, taking the lead in a World War I-set origins story of Diana discovering a washed up man on the beach and ultimately leaving her island of all women to go with him and be a superhero.

    There are a lot of expectations for this movie, and the reaction to the trailer, released at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, have been largely positive so far.

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