Lindsay Lohan Has Social Media Meltdown, Depresses Everyone

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  • Less than a week after she confused the world by posting her “sexy condolences” to Instagram, child-star-turned-national-conversation Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again for her social media posts.

    Her latest meltdown centers on her relationship with 22-year-old entrepreneur Egor Tarabasov. It all started with her calling Tarabasov her “fiancé” for the first time via Snapchat on Friday night. Here’s the video, ripped and uploaded to YouTube by user popculturediedin2009:

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  • If you thought a raspy-voiced, half-conscious-looking Lohan was going to be the saddest part of this story, have I got some disappointing news for you. She followed up those Snapchats with a series of Instagram posts and tweets, most of which have since been deleted. According to People, one of them read, “Thanks for not coming home tonight. Fame changes people.” Another, which is still up as of this writing, features Tarabasov with his face scribbled out:

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  • Lohan posted some more Snapchats of Tarabasov in a club, accused him of palling around with a Russian hooker, then tweeted, “lindsay lohan labour pains trailer — I am pregnant!!” (Labor Pains, by the way, was a movie in which Lohan’s character pretended to be pregnant. So who knows what to believe?)

    This story really hits rock bottom when, according to The Sun, she got in a vicious fight with Tarabasov, screamed that he was “trying to kill her,” and had the cops called on her.

    I know a lot of people on the internet feel like celebrities aren’t people and, once they make a few mistakes, aren’t deserving of our compassion. But forget that. We hope that Lindsay Lohan is okay and is getting the help she needs.

    What do you think? Do you hope for the best for LiLo? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.


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