Martial Arts Instructor Shows Us What a Fantastic Mentor Looks Like

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  • Karate instructor Shärath Jason Wilson taught his student a valuable lesson that he’s going to carry with him for the rest of his life.

    While attempting to break a board during a test, the student named Bruce began to cry. He explained that he found it more difficult to break the board with his left hand. Instead of admonishing his student, Instructor Wilson spoke to him about the difficulties he would face in the future and that tears are acceptable in the face of adversity.

    He also added that the value of crying enables us order to work through emotion and rise above it. It’s a fantastic lesson in accepting what is normally viewed as weakness in society and the importance of never giving up.

    Instructor Wilson’s school, The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy, is a school dedicated to enriching the lives of boys and young men. Right now, the school is attempting to raise funds in order to:

    • Buy or build/renovate/furnish a facility that will not only accommodate a larger enrollment of recruits, but also temporarily house boys who are in need of shelter and food

    • Purchase needed training equipment for the CATTA

    • Buy (15) fifteen computers for study hall

    • Sponsor five (5) recruits for three (3) years until their rite of passage ceremony

    • Hire one (1) full-time assistant instructor

    • Hire one (1) full-time administrator

    • Contract (2) two social workers for individual and family counseling

    • Contract tutors for academic training wing of academy

    • Establish the CATTA as a 501c3 non-profit organization

    • Buy one (1) Ford Transit 12 passenger van for the recruits who are in need of transportation to and from the CATTA, and field trips

    • Complete the CATTA train-the-trainer curriculum to certify the future local and national instructors of the CATTA

    • Create an interactive app that will keep parents and certified CATTA instructors abreast to the latest techniques and news related to our Emotional Stability Training for males (EST)

    • Create and host biweekly, online interactive Emotional Stability Training video sessions for parents

    So if you want to help these guys out, check out their GoFundMe here.

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