Talk About A Case Of Serious Road Rage!

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  • This case of UK road rage is nowhere as polite as the video we saw last time.

    Amy Woodfield, a writer for BBC’s News Online, shot this incredible extreme road rage video while waiting at a stop light on St Margret’s Way in Leicester, UK. A gentlemen narrating the video pointed out it appeared the angry man had gotten out of his car and hopped onto the hood of another vehicle. One could only presume it had to do with some sort of vehicular-based slight, and this was an extreme overreaction.

    At one point you can even see the man screaming into a small hole he punched into the windshield, and even stranger, the driver seems to be startlingly calm!

    Woodfield later tweeted that she did get in contact with police regarding the incident, but has released no follow-up aside from that.

    Have you ever witnessed someone completely melting down over traffic? Tell us your stories here in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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