The Naked Truth With Trisha Hershberger on the WT Podcast

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  • When you want to geek the hell out, there’s nobody better to hang out with than Trisha Hershberger.

    On the latest episode of the What’s Trending Podcast, Trisha sat down with our host Shira Lazar and her partner-in-crime Bart Baker to talk about the latest in apps, gaming and geek culture, as well as details of her new gig with Comic-Con HQ.

  • With three tech-savvy people in the room, we had to touch on the new Instagram Stories feature that launched in the past week — basically a copy of Snapchat without the cool face filters.

    Trisha remarked, “I think that it’s great for people who are either only Instagram users or only Snapchat users to have the Snapchat Memories function or the Instagram Stories function, whatever it is; that way you have that functionality. But for people who use both already, I think it’s kind of annoying.”

    Bart took the whole thing in stride, saying, “I think they know that they copied them, and they admitted it, so whatever. This is a direct ripoff of Snapchat, and they said ‘We don’t care, because this is what happens in technology – we steal each others’ ideas and put it into our own apps.’”

    Trisha also explained why everyone is so worked up about Pokemon Go removing their tracking feature:

    “It’s a big deal because the way that the game used to work is you find a Pokemon, you see a silhouette when it’s not a Pokemon you’ve captured, and it’s got three footprints which means it’s kind of far away. So you start walking a certain direction and it goes down to two footprints and you know you’re walking in the right direction, and you can keep going to get that specific Pokemon. I think they took it out because they’re getting in a lot of trouble for people trespassing on private property and people going in places they’re not supposed to. For example, Auschwitz, or the ER sections of hospitals.”

    Trisha has been focusing a lot on Pokemon Go lately, with one of her recent videos highlighting the mental health benefits of a video game that makes you go outside.

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  • “That video specifically was about how people are loving Pokemon Go,” she said, “not just because it’s a super fun game, but also because it’s helping people that have social anxiety, or are dealing with depression or other mental disorders, really get out there and communicate with other people. People with agoraphobia are going outside. It’s done wonders for people in that way — not that it’s like a One Size Fits All solution, but it’s certainly been helping people.”

    The Pokemon video is one of her latest #NakedTruth segments, where she gets real about geek culture moments after stepping out of the shower — and no, it’s not as raunchy as it sounds, but you will get some awesome insights to Trisha’s life and career.

    “It’s not a sexy thing at all. It came from me being so mad that people are like, ‘No-one’s going to believe you’re a nerd girl unless you wear these fake glasses, and nerd girls don’t wear pink! If you’re going to look like a gamer, you need to dress in this and this and this!’ Everything about it made me so mad that I was like, screw it. I’m not going to hide behind clothes, I’m not going to hide behind makeup, I’m not going to hide behind anything.”

    Trisha also gave us the details on Comic-Con HQ, a new digital network where she appears alongside influencers like like Steve Zaragoza, Alison Haislip, Anthony Carboni and Adam Sessler to bring you everything you love about Comic-Con year-round. Content will feature daily entertainment news, Comic-Con panels, behind-the-scenes access, movies and TV shows, and original series.

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    You can listen to the entire podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes.

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