Spain's Miguel Navia jumped the gun at the Rio Olympics, but was allowed to re-enter.
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  • Sometimes we get a little too excited and jump the gun. It happens to lots of guys (or so I’m told). Then there’s those of us who jerk people around for infinity without ever delivering FRANK OCEAN. But Spanish swimmer Miguel Navia managed to jump the gun literally, in that he jumped (into a pool) before the gun (yes an actual gun).

    You can see it all in the brief video above from NBC’s Olympics coverage, but here’s the executive summary:

    1. Man jumps into pool all alone.

    2. Man slams arm into water in frustration.

    3. Man walks away in tears.

    4. Man returns triumphant (but still sad) (presumably while the Spanish equivalent of the Rocky theme plays in his head.

    Not seen in this video is his actual competition, in which he placed seventh. Navia was a whole five seconds off his personal best, perhaps because of his being flustered. “I was very nervous, my mind wasn’t where it was supposed to be,” he said, according to CBS Sports.

    I mean, just look at this photo taken shortly after his gun-jumping:

  • Swimmer dq 1

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  • How’s a guy supposed to swim after that? Poor dude. At least he has another shot at gold, as he’s competing in the 4x200m relay later this week.

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